Tips diabetic patients must follow

Diabetic people have a weaker immunity compared to others because of high blood sugar levels. So,they should be cautious and take better care of themselves. Some tips which might be beneficial are

 Stay hydrated

Drink so much of water even if you are not engaging in any physical activity. Avoid carbonated beverages and packaged juices because they are full of added sugar. Consume natural homemade juices in moderation.

Ayurvedic foods can help in the treatment of Hepatitis

Keep yourself dry

Always wear dry clothes and footwear. Keep your feet clean and dry always to prevent complications linked with diabetic foot. This will prevent any internal nerve damage for diabetics.

 Boost your immunity

Eat food items rich in vitamins and nutrients which boost your immunity and make it stronger. Regularly  check your blood sugar levels .

Do not eat raw food

Microbes will be there over raw food it is best to ensure you steam or cook all your vegetables before eating them.

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