In Thrissur, a self-styled godman was arrested for sexually abusing a minor girl

Thrissur: Mala police expect more complaints against Madathilan Rajeev, alias ‘Achan Swami,’ who was recently arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a minor girl under the guise of practising witchcraft. Police arrested him on POCSO charges.

According to police, he had cheated and sexually assaulted numerous women while claiming miraculous abilities. All of the details became public after a 17-year-old girl filed a complaint against him with the police.

The girl who filed the complaint had approached Rajeev in order to save her uncle’s life. Rajeev is accused of sexually assaulting the girl when she came to see him for the special puja. She had been raped three times, and police said Rajeev had raped many other women in the same way.

Rajeev was a mason by trade. He began practising black magic six years ago. He amassed enormous wealth as a result of this, and even built a temple at his home. He allegedly practised witchcraft in order to save lives and increase financial growth. According to legend, he performed the puja by placing a coin on the private parts of women. The 17-year-old girl was also raped while being taken for puja in the same manner.

Rajeev was approached by people from neighbouring districts to meet a variety of needs. He used social media platforms to attract people to himself. Those who came to his house for various reasons used to stay for days. However, no one in the vicinity was aware of his activities. Everyone found out about his crime after the police arrested him.

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