Kerala receives 9.73 lakh extra vaccine doses in response to a vaccine shortage

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala received a new stock of 9,72,590 doses of the COVID vaccine on Wednesday, according to Health Minister Veena George. The state received 8,97,870 doses of Covishield vaccine and 74,720 doses of Covaxin.

Covishield was administered to 1,72,380 people in Ernakulam and 77,220 people in Kozhikode. Meanwhile, a new supply of Covaxin has been distributed to three districts. According to reports, Thiruvananthapuram received 25,500 doses of Covaxin, Ernakulam received 28,740 doses, and Kozhikode received 20,480 doses.

Meanwhile, 1,48,270 doses of Covishield vaccine are on their way to Thiruvananthapuram.

The health department has begun action to immediately transport available stock to vaccination centres, according to the health minister.

The new stock will allow the state to continue the vaccination campaign for another three or four days. As a result, the state will require additional doses in the coming days. In a meeting with left-wing MPs on Tuesday, the union health minister promised that more vaccine doses would be delivered to Kerala as soon as possible.

COVID vaccine has been administered to a total of 1,90,02,710 people in the state to date. The first dose was given to 1,32,86,482 people, and the second dose was given to 57,16,248 people.

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