There is a significant disparity between the Covid death figures of the Information Kerala mission and the state health department

Thiruvananthapuram: There is a discrepancy in all districts between the state health department’s release of covid death figures and the figures registered by the Information Kerala Mission. In twelve districts, the figures from the Information Kerala Mission outnumber those from the Health Department. However, the health department has recorded more Covid deaths in Wayanad and Kasaragod.

According to an RTI request received by Adv Pranakumar from the Information Kerala Mission, 7316 deaths were left out of health department reports until Monday. However, a review by a health department expert panel discovered that there was a difference of 10,000 to 13,000 between the published figures. These findings have yet to be confirmed by the scientific community.

Health Minister Veena George had previously stated that if specific complaints were received, she would investigate the death toll. The number of complaints received was not disclosed by the health department, and officials have yet to clarify how this disparity will be resolved.

According to the health ministry, 16,326 people had died as of Tuesday. However, according to the opposition’s RTI, 23,486 people died. Opposition leader VD Satheeshan has claimed that the government is concealing the death toll and that if the figures are not released, the families of the deceased will be denied benefits. He also stated that he would go to court about it.

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