Reports from Kerala During the first wave of Covid-19, there were 3,818 domestic violence cases

Kozhikode: During the period when the first wave of Covid-19 was reported in the state, the Social Welfare Board received reports of 3,818 domestic violence cases.

If we include cases reported to the State Crime Record Bureau, the State Women’s Commission, and personal complaints, the figure could double, according to Soosan Kodi, Chairperson of the Social Welfare Board.

Domestic violence had a physical and mental impact on 4,338 children during this time period.

Of the 3,818 cases of violence against women, 1,837 were resolved through counselling and 360 through the courts. 160 complainants received financial assistance, and another 30 received compensation. In 599 cases, a FIR was filed, and in 499 cases, an order was issued to protect the victims with the assistance of service providers.

These cases were reported between January and March of 2020. 41 percent of these cases were the result of intoxication, and 21 percent were the result of dowry-related issues. The influence of social media and mobile was responsible for 18% of the cases. Another 18% of cases were the result of extramarital affairs.


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