Kothamangalam murder: Police investigate how the attacker acquired a gun

Hours after the brutal murder of Manasa, a 24-year-old house surgency student at a dental college in Kothamangalam, police increased their investigation to determine where the accused obtained the gun used to kill Manasa. Other people may have been involved in the crime, according to police.

PV Manasa, a BDS student at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam, was murdered by Rakhil at the house she was renting near her college.

According to police, the weapon is now central to the investigation of the crime, and a ballistic examination is critical today. The gun was recovered by police from a pool of blood, and an examination will be conducted to determine whether it was licenced or not.

Rakil, according to police, had been spying on Manasa for days in Kothamangalam by renting a room near her college, and the murder was pre-planned. He had left for Kannur after learning all the details and returned with the gun to murder her.

Guns are supplied by gangs in the Kannur and Kasargod regions. These gangs obtain guns from Bihar via Mangalore. They also have imported pistols available.

These gangs collaborate with gangster Ravi Poojary. These gangs only give guns to trustworthy people. Police had previously discovered that the Perumbavur gangs obtain guns from these organisations. Rakil’s involvement with these gangs will also be investigated by police.

Manasa, a Kannur native from Narath, was staying as a Paying Guest on the first floor of a house near the college. Her three classmates were also present at the time of the incident.

Her friends stated in the police statement that Manasa did not tell them anything about her relationship with Rakhil. Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that Rakhil, who is also from Kannur, used to bother Manasa and that her parents filed a police complaint against him.

“We learned about the incident at 3:45 p.m. She (Manasa) was staying in a house near our dental college with three other friends. According to reports, this adolescent stormed into the house where she was staying and locked the door. It wasn’t until several sounds were heard that the locals arrived and discovered what had happened “Bijesh, the dental college’s CEO, stated

“After speaking with Manasa’s parents, the police discovered that Rakhil was born in Kannur, the same town as their daughter. There were some issues between the two, and he had previously been warned by Kannur police. We are not aware of the specifics of their disagreement “Bijesh went on to say.
During this time, police have begun an investigation into how Rakhil arrived in Kothamangalam and obtained the gun.

According to the most recent reports, the accused, who arrived in Kothamangalam a few days ago, was staying in a rented room. It is implied that he took the room for rent while claiming to work at a plywood firm. However, the police have not confirmed these reports. Manasa and Rakhil died as a result of bullet wounds, according to police. The crime scene has been secured by police. The accused’s gun was also recovered from this location. More scientific investigations into the case will be conducted, according to the police.

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