Manasa’s murder was preplanned

Kochi: The murder of BDS student Manasa was meticulously planned, and Rakhil carried it out precisely after a month of homework on the subject. PV was on Friday. Rakhil murdered Manasa, a BDS student at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam, at the house she was renting.

Rakhil had rented a room in the middle of her college and the house where she was living on rent. He’d chosen this room to spy on her on her way home from college. Manasa’s house was very close to his room, allowing Rakhil to keep a close eye on her even when she was at home. The view of her house was obscured by a curtain. However, police discovered a hole in it, which was most likely created by Rakhil in order to observe her.

On July 4, Rakhil hired this room by convincing the house’s owner that he was a plywood trader. His behaviour was not out of the ordinary, according to the owner.

During this time, the police team has been investigating Manasa and Rakhil’s mobile phones. After examining Rakhil’s phone, police hope to learn more about how he obtained the gun. A team of officials has left for Kannur to expand the investigation. Manasa had not mentioned Rakhil or their alleged relationship to anyone. It’s unclear if Manasa was aware of his arrival in Kothamangalam.

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