Rakhil wanted to solve problems with Manasa,reveals friend

Kochi: A friend of Rakhil, the accused in the Manasa murder case, revealed that Rakhil had asked for assistance in obtaining a room, declaring that he needed to resolve issues with Manasa. Hanseeb, Rakhil’s friend, revealed this to him when he rented him a room in Nellikuzhi, Kothamangalam.

Hanseeb also stated that Rakhil had been in a relationship with Manasa for a long time and could not break up with her despite their disagreements. Rakhil also stated that these are the only issues that can be resolved in person with her. Rakhil sought the assistance of Hanseeb and requested a room near Indira Gandhi Dental College, citing these reasons. Rakhil had spoken to Hanseeb even after he had booked the room for him, according to Hanseeb.

The police are still looking into how Rakhil obtained a gun. At the scene, ballistic experts and a forensic team conducted an expert examination. The investigation has been expanded to Rakhil’s hometown of Kannur in order to find the source of the gun. By Saturday morning, the police team from Kothamangalam had arrived in Kannur. They went to Rakhil’s house in Melur and took detailed notes.

Meanwhile, after the inquest, Manasa’s body was taken to Kalamassery Medical College for a post-mortem. Rakhil’s body will be transported to Kalamassery for a post-mortem soon. Following the completion of the postmortem, the bodies will be handed over to the relatives.

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