4 Powerful, effective tips to get him back

You feel lonely, unhappy and anxious when a relationship ends. You have symptoms of withdrawal and long for them. Moving on might be difficult at such times. Certainly, you have to try to forget about them and their connection, but it’s easier said than done. Difficult and messy breakdowns

If you believe that you can’t move on despite several attempts, you decide you want them again and want them to come back too. So if you don’t want you to be over yet and miss them like crazy and want your presence, follow them and get them back to you!

Stop talking to him

While it may sound unusual, it might actually make him want you more by halting every communication with him. End your texts, share memory and random phone conversations and spend some time with him to enhance your presence and to miss you insanely.

Work for you

Can’t he move on? This does not imply you spend the whole day watching TV and watching an ice-cream bathtub! Get up and clothe yourself and be your best version. Work on your deficiencies and increase your strengths, and avoid breaking apart your requirements and ambitions. And this is going to cause him to come to you, believe us!

have fun

Nothing is more lovely than a lady who knows how to have fun and does not require a man to enjoy it in her life. Meet your pals, watch a movie alone, take a luxury restaurant and enjoy your new single-heart experience. And make sure you keep him up-to-date on your interesting life and make him want you to come back.

Make him envy


Hang out with your male pals or better, hang out to make him envious with your ex’s friends. Flirt with the men in front of him to make him want you, but do so in a discreet and carefree manner. Please make him aware of his competitors and in no time he will surely return!

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