As Covid rages on, entry into TN and Karnataka becomes more difficult for visitors from Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Keralites visiting Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are finding it difficult to cross the borders, particularly in Walayar and Thalapadi, after these two states imposed tighter restrictions on Monday.

In response to an increase in Covid cases, police have made a negative RT-PCR test mandatory for Kerala visitors.

Those with records proving they had received a double dose of Covid vaccine were allowed entry at the Thalapadi border in Kasaragod, the entry point to Mangalore in Karnataka.

But things changed after 8 a.m. on Monday. To gain entry into Karnataka, the Karnataka police demanded an RT-PCR test result.

A Keralite who protested was detained by Karnataka police.

However, enraged Kerala residents reacted by blocking all vehicles entering the state from Karnataka.

“We contacted Karnataka officials, who said those who had received both doses of the vaccine would be allowed. They are now insisting on an RT-PCR test result obtained 72 hours before the trip. The police are even refusing to allow accident victims travelling from Kerala to Mangalore hospitals “said enraged protesters

The sudden decision by neighbouring state governments to restrict free movement is due to an increase in the number of daily cases in Kerala, where over one lakh new cases have been recorded in the last six days alone.

The test positivity rate in Kerala remains above 12%, while the national average is 2.81 percent.

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