Twin brothers found hanging at their home in Kottayam

Kottayam: Two crane operators’ brothers were discovered hanging at Kaduvakkulam here. The victims’ names were Naseer and Nisar. They were 33 years old at the time. The brothers’ bodies were discovered in their bedroom. They lived with their mother.

When the mother went to bring coffee in the morning, she discovered one of the twins dead in the room. Neighbors rushed to their house as she screamed for help. Only after that did they discover the body of the other twin.

The family was originally from Nattakam and relocated to Kaduvakkulam only three years ago. After the owner of the crane service died, the brothers lost their jobs and had to rely on other sources of income. As a result of the lockdown, the family was in severe financial distress.

.Locals claimed that they had taken out a bank loan and had ended their lives in fear of eviction. It has been revealed that the twins had additional financial issues. The locals also stated that the bank officials had paid them a visit the day before. The inquest in Kottayam has been completed by the police.

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