Stop going after govt jobs: Kerala High Court

Kochi: The practise of everyone applying for government jobs exists only in Kerala, according to the Kerala High Court, which is hearing a petition from a man who lost his job after failing to submit an experience certificate on time. The court also stated sarcastically that the power to print currency is solely vested in the central government. The petition was dismissed by the bench, which was led by Justice Alexander Thomas and Justice A Badaruddin.

According to the court, 75 percent of government revenue is spent on salary and other benefits. The attitude of Kerala’s youth must change because not everyone can get government jobs, and the practise of focusing solely on government jobs is harmful.

Highly educated youth pursue white-collar jobs and regard other jobs such as goat rearing as a prestigious issue. The court also stated that the current pandemic has had a negative impact on GDP and that the financial situation is insufficient to provide government jobs to everyone.

Meanwhile, the PSC has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court against the State Administrative Tribunal’s decision to extend the validity of Last Grade Servants (LGS) rank lists. PSC asked the court to stay the tribunal’s decision. According to the PSC, extending the validity of the rank list will have an impact on the opportunities for new candidates.

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