The Supreme Court overturns the tribunal’s decision to extend the PSC rank list

The Kerala Administrative Tribunal’s (KAT) order to extend the validity of the Kerala Public Service Commission’s (KPSC) Last Grade Servants (LGS) rank list was overturned by the High Court on Tuesday. The order was issued while the court was hearing the Kerala PSC’s appeal against the KAT’s decision to extend the validity of the Last Grade Servants (LGS) rank list. The court stated that the KAT order is not legally binding and that the PSC’s stances are correct in this regard.

The court directed the heads of all departments in all districts to immediately report LGS vacancies to the PSC, as well as to report LGS vacancies in the directorates. Directions were also given on how to complete the procedures for the appointment as quickly as possible. The court issued its decision after pointing out the flaws in the KAT order. The court did, however, direct the tribunal to consider additional petitions in this regard once vacancies are reported.

The PSC filed the petition, requesting that the tribunal’s order be overturned on the grounds that it will result in the loss of opportunities for new candidates. The validity of LGS rank lists expires on August 4, and the Tribunal sought an extension until September 29.

The KAT verdict was not legally valid, according to a previous PSC meeting, and it was then that they decided to go to court. The court also stated that the KAT order violates previous orders of higher courts. PSC also deemed it illogical and unacceptable to extend the validity of a single rank list.

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