Bigg Boss OTT: Karan Johar releases new promo, stating that the audience will decide on inmate punishments.

New Delhi: With Bigg Boss OTT set to premiere on August 8, the show’s producers have finally released the first promo, in which Karan Johar can be seen dropping some intriguing hints about the upcoming show.

The most-discussed reality show will have Karan as its new host on the OTT platform, and the audience will be able to choose punishments for the contestants.

He also stated that the show’s USP is that for the first time, the audience will have 24×7 LIVE access to enjoy direct and deeper engagement, connection, and indulgence in the comings and goings of the house with just a click.

Karan said of the upcoming show, “Being a fan of the show, I’m excited about the new elements we’ve introduced to Bigg Boss OTT.” I’m looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts to the show that takes over-the-top to a whole new level. Not to mention, I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of punishment the contestants will receive from the audience.”

Inviting viewers to the exciting times ahead, he concludes, “Mere saath Bigg Boss OTT ke maze loot… For the first time, Voot is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

According to the rules, no contestant may bring any communication device into the house with him/her. So, whatever happens, Karan will never be a contestant on this reality show.

KJo will star in the drama for the six-week run of “Bigg Boss OTT,” which debuts on August 8. Following the completion of the digital exclusive, the show will seamlessly transition into Colors with the premiere of Season 15 of ‘Bigg Boss.’


“Bigg Boss OTT,” which will air on Voot, will feature a “janta” factor. The new format will give the average person the unusual powers of “Bigg Boss OTT” by allowing them to handpick contestants as well as their stay, tasks, and exit from the show.

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