Finance Minister says; Kerala may have to buy vaccines

Thiruvananthapuram: Finance Minister K N Balagopal has stated that if Covid-19 spreads at this rate and the third wave begins, Kerala may be forced to purchase the vaccine. As a result, the minister informed the assembly that the Rs 1000 crore budgeted for the purchase of vaccines is being set aside for that purpose.

MLA PC Vishnunath demanded that the minister explain how the allocated Rs 1000 crore is being spent, despite the fact that the vaccine is provided free of charge by the government. The minister responded in response to this demand.

Vishnunath also brought up the issue of complaints that have been pending before Assembly Committees since 1991. This is due to departmental non-cooperation. The files before the Legislative Committees, according to Speaker M B Rajesh, are the lives of many people. He also promised that during this meeting, efforts would be made to resolve the outstanding files.

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