Kerala declares a triple lockdown in areas where there are more than ten COVID-19 cases per 1000 persons

New Delhi: The Kerala government said on Wednesday (August 4) that areas in the state where more than ten COVID-19 cases have been found among 1000 persons will be subjected to a triple lockdown.

Kerala’s health minister, Veena George, claimed in a newspaper article that the triple lockdown will be implemented in areas of the state where more than 10 COVID-19 infections had been found among 1000 persons.

She further indicated that only shops selling basic commodities will be permitted to open in such locations and that all other shops will be permitted to operate six days a week, save on Sundays.

According to the New Indian Express, the minister encouraged people to be wary of the spread of Covid in the state, adding that “shops should have preparations to manage crowds and guarantee social separation throughout the festive season.” The arrangements should be overseen by the police and municipal governments.”

Notably, with over 1.74 lakh active patients, the state has the highest average test positive rate (TPR) of close to 12%.

While responding to queries from MLAs in the state Assembly on Tuesday, she stated that a total of 13,325 covid deaths had been documented in the state as of June 15, 2021.

She also stated that the state administration was following ICMR and WHO norms when it came to reporting covid fatalities.

According to her, the administration intended to deal with the issues of the second wave of Covid with popular support. According to the current sero survey, more than half of the population is vulnerable, thus the state administration wants to get as many people vaccinated as feasible as soon as possible, she told the House.


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