Myths about cosmetics products

Organic products have become increasingly popular in the modern era of skincare. Everyone is scrambling to get their hands on the latest organic product. However, even organic skincare products should be thoroughly researched and tested before including them in your beauty routine.
Just because a manufacturer claims their goods are organic and developed from clean formulae that utilize the best of what nature has to offer does not mean the product will be gentle on your skin or safer for you.

We spoke with Deepak Jain, CEO & Founder of Lass Naturals, to learn more about the product.
“Eating organic food is preferable to eating processed and chemically enhanced food. However, the same cannot be stated about organic skincare products. Organic skin care products do not have the same effect as an organic diet. Extracts or oils obtained from organic materials are frequently used in the production of organic skincare products. Obtaining those entails a procedure in and of itself, requiring the actual substance utilized in the product to be processed and, in some cases, chemically treated. And we frequently observe that the majority of brands that claim to be organic, in fact, only have a couple of active organic substances. The remaining elements include chemicals and easily obtained materials, rendering the brand’s claim to be organic untrustworthy. Most brands that are certified as organic use solely organic raw ingredients. This does not guarantee that the ingredients were not processed and treated with chemicals in order to extract the extracts and oils. Organic does not always imply superior quality,” adds Jain.


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