Symptoms that a guy brings out the worst in you

In a healthy relationship, both partners go out of their way to support and motivate each other. In an overly competitive world, one’s partner’s faith and support signify a lot. This is not the case for every marriage. Instead of bringing out the best in their spouses, many people do the exact opposite. They drive them to the point that they become obnoxious, hostile, and even violent. In the end, little except toxicity remains in such interactions. As a result, here are 7 indicators that a guy brings out the worst in you.

1. Because of him, you disregard other connections.
It’s natural for you and your partner to spend a lot of time together. If you spend all of your time together, something is wrong. It’s hardly a healthy relationship if you continually canceling girls’ evenings or other events with friends or coworkers. If your partner truly cares about you, he should assist you in maintaining other relationships as well.

2. You are continuously tired.
There is an issue when you are constantly bickering or concerned about how your partner will react to something. As a result, you may miss job deadlines or find it difficult to find time to accomplish things you enjoy. A relationship like this will only take from you until you have nothing left to give to yourself.

3. He does not support your objectives.
When you discuss your work or objectives with him, he appears uninterested or makes you feel silly for even attempting. What you want is a guy who will respect your decisions and ambitions and will work hard to make them a reality.

4. You become irritated over the most insignificant things.
Everything he does just pushes you over the brink when you’re with a partner that brings out the worst in you. Seeing him interact with other women makes you jealous and insecure. You can’t explain why you’re acting this way, but you know it has something to do with him.

5. He promotes your undesirable habits
If your partner shares the same vices as you, he might not want to see you change because it would mean he would have to change as well. You need a partner who wants to see you succeed and supports you in doing so, not one who encourages your negative behaviors.

6. You don’t feel like yourself while you’re around him.
If you find it difficult to show him your true self, it’s a sure sign that he doesn’t bring out the best in you. A guy who brings out the best in you will help you feel more like yourself and less like you have to hide your genuine self.

7. You are constantly attempting to gain an advantage.
Love is not a contest. If you find yourself trying to make your partner feel inferior or unloved, this is not a good indicator. If you are not willing to compromise once in a while because you believe it will give him power over you, then you should not be with him.

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