The second wave of COVID-19 is still ongoing, and rising R-values are causing concern, according to the Health Ministry

New Delhi: The COVID-19 second wave in the country is not yet over, with nearly 30,000 cases reported daily, according to the health ministry, who also claims that the rising R-Value in eight states is cause for concern.,

“The pandemic is far from over,” said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary at the Union Health Ministry, during a press conference. “A surge in cases is being noted globally, and the second wave, as far as India is concerned, is still not over.”

Agarwal commented on the issue of relaxation leading to an increase in COVID-19 cases “This could be what we discussed, but it is critical that we deal with this as a group. We need additional community support to face this battle head on.”

Furthermore, he warned that if the COVID protocol is not followed, the number of infections will rise as several states in the country consider easing lockdown restrictions.

β€œAt the moment, the R number in eight states and union territories β€” Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshwadweep, Tamil Nadu, Mizoram, Karnataka, Puducherry, and Kerala β€” is increasing and exceeds one, which is cause for concern. The R value for India has risen from 0.8 to 1.2, ” he explained.

The R value is used to calculate the number of people a coronavirus positive person can infect, which reflects the severity of the virus’s spread. A virus that spreads slowly is represented by a number of one or less, whereas a virus that spreads quickly is represented by a number greater than one.

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