Whatsapp: Check how to send ‘view once’ photos, videos

New Delhi: WhatsApp’s disappearing photographs feature has finally been taken out of beta. This means that all users of the WhatsApp app’s stable version will be able to access the ‘View Once’ function. You can use this function to send a photo that vanishes as soon as the recipient opens and shuts the WhatsApp app.

Furthermore, unlike other images and films, the fading photo is not automatically preserved in the receiver’s gallery. Snap Inc. first introduced the feature in its famous social media program Snapchat.

The recipient will not be able to watch the photo or video shared using the fading option on a second time after viewing it. Furthermore, recipients will be unable to save, star, or share photographs or videos that have vanished.
After that, Facebook allegedly duplicated the concept and debuted Instagram’s “view once” photographs. Finally, Facebook is bringing the function of the disappearing images to WhatsApp, the popular messaging program.

Before sharing a vanishing photo or video, users will need to pick the ‘view once’ option each time. Here’s how to send WhatsApp vanishing photographs and videos:

1. Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

2. Go to the contact’s chat to whom you want to share the disappearing photo or video.

3. Click on share photo or video.

4. Go to the gallery option.

5. Select the photo or video that you’re planning to send with the ‘disappearing’ mode on.

6. Just before finally sharing the media with the recipient, you’ll be able to see the option to add a caption or share the photo or video as ‘view once’. You can see the option to make the media as ‘view once’ just at the end of the caption box.

7. Click on the clock-like icon to share your photo or video as a ‘view once’ message.

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