Expat vaccinated with Covaxin seeks Covishield revaccination

An expat working in Saudi Arabia petitioned the Kerala High Court for permission to be re-vaccinated with Covishield after being fully vaccinated with Covaxin. The court sought the Central Government’s opinion on the matter and adjourned the case until August 9.

Girikumar Thekkan Kunnumpurath (50), a Kannur native, filed the petition, claiming that Covaxin is not recognised in Saudi Arabia and that he must return to Saudi Arabia by August 30 or lose his job.

According to the petition, he returned to India in January due to the COVID second wave in Saudi Arabia, and when the Centre offered vaccines to people over the age of 45, he registered on the Cowin portal using his passport information.

“The first Covaxin dose was given to him on April 17, and the second was given to him a month later. Only after receiving Covaxin did he learn that it was not approved by the Saudi government. He would not have taken Covaxin if the authorities had informed the public about its non-recognition earlier. He had no idea his decision would jeopardise his job in another country “Please read the petition.

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