How to add a photo to your Zoom profile: Technology Tips

Video calls and online classes are the norm these days. We’ve become accustomed to it. We don’t meet people in person; instead, we use video conferencing to keep them up to date on new developments or to hold work meetings. It’s only natural that we all use different video conferencing platforms. Zoom is one of the most popular platforms. Because most of us are still getting used to video conferencing technology, it can be difficult to learn certain tips and tricks, such as how to add a profile picture.

Most of us don’t turn on our video cameras for the first few minutes of video conferencing. When this happens, instead of our video, the initials of our name are displayed on the screen. When your video is turned off, however, it is always preferable to show a picture of yourself rather than a simple text. Follow the steps below to add a profile picture to your Zoom account.

1st step

On your desktop, open the zoom app and click on the initials of your name in the top right corner. Then select “My profile.”

2nd Step

You will be redirected to the website or zoom after clicking this. To access your zoom profile, enter your email address and password.

3rd step

Take a look at your profile. You should now see a box with your initials next to your name; click that box, then click “Change.” You’ll be taken to a new window where you can select the picture you want to use as your profile picture.

4th step

Select the area that needs to be cropped and save it. Your Zoom account’s profile picture has now been uploaded.

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