Shocking: A UK teenager was left frozen after consuming a “spiked drink” at a nightclub.

‘Never accept beverages from strangers,’ practically all of us have been told by our elders in some way or another. We’ve all heard of women having their drinks poisoned at nightclubs and gatherings so that predators can take advantage of them.

An 18-year-old girl appears to be frozen and suffering convulsions in a disturbing video uploaded by UK mother Claire after her drink was allegedly spiked after a night out at a nightclub. Her mother captioned the girl’s photo on Facebook, “This is what being spiked looks like…please be careful when out.” Following her recovery, the girl was released from the hospital.

Millie Taplin, 18, is shown in the video unable to use her facial muscles or her hands as she lies in a hospital bed. Her fingers and facial movements suggest that she is unable to move. She was unable to move for hours and began feeling ill after having a few sips of her drink at a nightclub, according to reports. When her friends reached out to her and took her to the nearest hospital, she quickly ran outside the pub to vomit. According to, doctors treating her concluded that she was administered two distinct medications, one of which rendered her paralyzed.

Claire told the Mirror, “She seemed possessed.” “When I made touch with her, I could tell that she was present; she was making eye contact with me but couldn’t communicate.”

Millie was having her first night out as a legal adult on July 31 at Moo Moo, a local Southend bar, when she and a few pals were approached by a group of males, some of whom she recognized. The night took a dark turn, however, when one of the men in the group offered her a drink, which he described to her as vodka and lemonade.

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