Was it a UFO or a satellite that turned the sky in Turkey green like in a science fiction film? Watch

Ankara: In the early hours of Saturday, a meteor slammed into the Earth’s atmosphere in Turkey’s Izmir, turning the sky bright green (July 31). An item is seen streaking above the city of Izmir in a video, then disappearing with a green flare behind it. Residents speculated that the object was a falling satellite or an unidentified flying object (UFO) because of the situation.

According to a video posted on Twitter, the incident happened in the Turkish city of Izmir at around 2 a.m. on Saturday (July 31). A ‘meteor’ crashes to the earth in one of the films, generating a loud explosion and turning the sky green for a few seconds. Another footage shows the meteor flare glowing bright greenish-white as it approaches Earth.

The video became viral and was shared widely on social media. Internet users flooded the comment section with expressions of support for Turkey, with some speculating that it was a UFO and others speculating that it was a satellite or some intergalactic garbage.

However, Dr. Hasan Ali Dal, a Turkish astrophysics professor, dispelled the rumors and revealed the incident’s cause. He explained that a “fireball” develops when a meteor begins to burn up in the atmosphere in a Twitter post.

“It normally burns away in the high atmosphere,” wrote Dr. Hasan Ali. It should be regarded as a more particular variant of the phenomena known to the public as a shooting star, which is frequently observed during periods of meteorite rains.”

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