Emotional manipulators will always use against you

Emotional manipulation occurs when a person seeks influence over another person and uses dishonest or exploitative tactics to obtain it. An emotional manipulator strives to use, manipulate, or victimize another person, which is the polar opposite of what people do in healthy relationships. It is critical to recognize emotional manipulators, especially if they are in your inner circle. Here are seven tactics used by emotional manipulators against you.


Someone is attempting to manipulate you if they make you question whether or not you are genuinely sane. They will deny your reality and remember things in a different way than you do. They’re doing it to make you feel insane. It’s all about making you doubt yourself until you give up and allow the manipulator to have their way.

Using your own words against you

Emotional manipulators frequently use your own words against you in the form of phony apologies to make themselves appear as a martyr who merely compromised and forgiven you!

Withdrawing affection

When manipulators aren’t getting what they want from you, they’ll typically give you the cold shoulder until you give in, or they’ll threaten to break up with you. They understand that humans crave affection and that withholding it causes them to worry.

Emotional blackmail

Manipulators have the power to make you bear responsibility for their mistakes. This will cause you to keep up with them, even if they are terrible for you.

Social and emotional bullying

Physical violence is not usually used by manipulators. Emotional bullying takes the shape of constant criticism, heated voices, and threats. Social bullying can take the form of spreading rumours or purposefully excluding people from certain activities or venues. It can also take the form of intellectual bullying, in which someone claims the role of subject matter expert, making another person feel incompetent and reliant on them for information.

Turning everyone against you

Turning everyone against someone is the simplest method to make them feel weak and undermine their confidence. As a result, many emotional manipulators will try to discredit people they no longer believe they can control, as well as persons they perceive to be dangers.

Guilt and sympathy

Many people are easily swayed by guilt and even go so far as to punish themselves. Emotionally manipulative people take advantage of this susceptibility. They are more likely to play the victim or remind you of prior favours, generating a sense of responsibility or pity that increases their chances of getting what they want.

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