Neeraj Chopra becomes India’s second individual GOLD medalist in the javelin at the Tokyo Olympics

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Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway owns the Olympic record with a jump of 90.57m, which he achieved at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. While the world record of 98.48m is held by Jan elezn of the Czech Republic, it was set in 1996.

The event is currently taking place. Andrian Mardare of Moldova threw 81.16m in his first attempt. Neeraj, too, gets off to a fast start, opening his account in the finals with a massive 87.03m throw. This is far superior to what he threw in the qualifying round.

Only German javelin thrower Julian Weber has come close to Neeraj’s 85.30 attempt so far. Vetter, his closest competitor, records 82.52m in the first attempt.

Pakistan’s Nadeem had a rough start but still manages to break 82.40 in his first attempt.

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