Sunny Leone considers ‘Shero’ to be one of her most intriguing films

Sunny Leone finished filming for her film “Shero” in Kerala on Thursday.

“Shero,” directed by Sreejith Vijayan of “Kuttanadan Marpappa,” is Sunny’s first Malayalam film in a lead role.
Action is a key component of the film, which was shot in Munnar and other parts of Kerala. The actress spent a significant amount of time training and preparing for the stunts, which she performed entirely on her own.

Sunny regards it as a defining moment in her life. “There are movies that challenge you and make you want to push yourself harder,” she told IANS as she finished the film. Shero is that movie for me. “I wanted to nail it down to the last detail.”
“From the performance to the action to learning the language, it was a film that I was completely consumed by,” she added. We shot in such beautiful locations in Kerala, and it is by far one of the most interesting films I have ever worked on. Sunny plays Sarah Mike, a US-born woman with Indian ancestors, in the psychological thriller ” Shero.” The narrator of the film tells the storey of a chance holiday and the chance events that occur on it.

The film will be released in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

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