“I am not coming back” : Lionel Messi; Confirms Leaving Barcelona

Football legend Lionel Messi broke down into tears Sunday during press conference where he confirmed he is leaving Barcelona, where he has played his entire career. The 34-year-old  was out of contract since June ,Barca say they cannot afford him

“This year, my family and I were convinced we were going to stay here, at home  this is what we wanted more than anything,” said Messi as he struggled to hold his emotions.

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“The truth is I don’t know what to say, after 21 years I am leaving with my three Catalan Argentine children, I gave everything for this club from the first day that I arrived right to the last. I never imagined having to say goodbye. In recent days I have given lots of thought to what I can say and truth to tell I can’t think of anything. This is really difficult for me after so many years spent here — my entire life. I’m not ready for this” Messi spoke emotional.

Thousands gathered to listen to his words

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