A snake was discovered in the cargo hold of an IndiGo flight at Kolkata Airport- watch the shocking video

A snake was spotted onboard a Mumbai-bound IndiGo flight at Kolkata airport in a shocking incident. According to a report in a leading news portal, the people spotted the snake before the flight was scheduled to depart. The passengers had yet to board the plane, according to the report.

The plane, which had just arrived in Kolkata from Raipur, was parked in a secluded bay area when the incident occurred.

The serpent was discovered wrapped around a baggage belt inside the aircraft by a baggage handler. As soon as the news got out, the ground crew cleared the area and informed airport authorities, who then summoned forest department officials, who took it away for rehabilitation.

An official was also quoted in the report as saying that the massive reptile was a non-poisonous rat snake. Authorities believe the snake got into the plane while the luggage was being unloaded from the flight after it arrived in Raipur.

Meanwhile, many passengers have shared the incident’s video on social media platforms.

“Perhaps the snake was looking for an IndiGo flight as a late 15th birthday present yesterday. Thankfully, the Kolkata Forest Department removed it. But look at the speed,” a user wrote in a tweet on August 6. Look at this:


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