According to V Sivankutty, schools are getting ready to open; digital learning is causing health problems

Thiruvananthapuram: Education Minister V Sivankutty told the assembly on Monday that schools in the state are ready to open as soon as they receive approval from the Central government. The reopening of schools will be done in stages. He stated unequivocally that action will be taken in accordance with the Central Government’s and the expert committee’s instructions. He also stated that facilities for this purpose will be set up in schools by next month.

However, in order to finalize the decision, the state government must obtain approval from the COVID expert committee. He also stated that action would be taken once the students’ vaccinations were completed.

According to him, a SCERT study found that the online learning process using digital gadgets is causing serious health issues among students. It has been discovered that nearly 36% of students suffer from headaches and neck pain, and 28% suffer from eye-related problems and mental trauma.

“Parents must ensure proper exercise and care of students during the digital learning process; parents will also be given training in the use of digital gadgets beginning next month, and counselors will be appointed as needed to reduce the mental stress of students,” the Minister said.

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