Saranya Sasi passed away after a nine-year battle with cancer

Saranya Sasi, an actor who had been battling a rare form of brain tumour since 2012, died on Monday at a private hospital in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district.
She was admitted to the hospital in late June after contracting COVID-19 and was being treated for pneumonia. She was bedridden after surgery in April 2021, but she later walked back into life with the help of medics and her determination. During her initial treatment, she had 11 surgeries (nine to remove the brain tumour and two to remove thyroid growths).

During the lockdown, she had recently started her own YouTube channel.

A close friend of the actress, actress Seema Nair, had been with her throughout the treatment. She was the one who used to give Saranya health updates and even revealed that Saranya had tested positive for COVID-19 and that her health was deteriorating.
Saranya began her career in 2006 with a Balachandra Menon serial and has since appeared in numerous films and soap operas in Malayalam and Tamil. However, just as her career was taking off and she was becoming a household name among Keralites, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

She has also appeared in Mohanlal’s Chotta Mumbai, Thalappavu, Bombay March 12 and Ann Mariya Kalippilanu.

Sharanya married Binu Xavier in November 2014, but the couple later divorced.

In an earlier interview with a Malayalam magazine, the actress revealed that she fainted in class seven at Navodaya school after a friend accidentally threw shot on her head. Despite being asked to undergo a CT scan, the actress chose not to. Her mother, on the other hand, brought this incident to the attention of a doctor after she began experiencing severe headaches again. She was diagnosed with a tumour a few years later.


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