A caravan, an RTO squabble, and a threat: Why is Kerala talking about the E Bull Jet brothers?

Two audio files are becoming viral in Kerala: one is a call to Kollam CPI(M) MLA Mukesh, while the other is a call to BJP Rajya Sabha member Suresh Gopi. The callers inform the legislators that they have an urgent situation that needs to be solved and seek assistance for the E Bull Jet brothers. What about the E Bull jet brothers? Who? What? This is just what the politicians demand. When the caller states the E Bull Jet brothers were detained for customizing their car, Suresh Gopi advises the caller to seek assistance from Kerala’s Chief Minister. Mukesh asks for the spelling of ‘E Bull Jet,’ then responds, ‘I shall enquire.’

The E Bull Jet brothers, or Libin and Ebin, from Iritti in Kannur, have a popular YouTube channel with 1.73 million subscribers where they document their travels. They were held by Kannur police on August 9 after causing a commotion at the Motor Vehicles Department over the confiscation of their caravan, which had been unlawfully modified and had unpaid taxes. According to other sources, the brothers flaunted their caravan dubbed “Napoleon” in a video, claiming it was customized for Rs 2 crore and claimed that no one could force them to pay *taxes. Someone then sent this video to the Motor Vehicle Commissioner, who ordered that it be seized.

Furthermore, the brothers had made a public announcement that they would be visiting the MVD office, and a mob of fans had assembled, causing tension. The brothers went live again at the MVD office in Kannur, claiming that the police were harassing them.

Following the uproar, they were held and later arrested under nine sections, including the destruction of public property, use of force to impede public servants from performing their duties, and violation of COVID 19 laws.

The arrest, on the other hand, has become a significant talking point in Kerala, particularly after one fan claimed that ‘Kerala will burn’ as a result of the arrest. Unsurprisingly, many more have shown their support. “They are tiny children who know nothing. What blunder did they make in putting them in central prison? We’ve seen how cops shield other suspects from mob attacks when they’re apprehended. Take a look at how the cops hauled them in this case. Vehicle modification is deemed terrorist activity in this country,” stated another vlogger in defense of the E Bull Jet brothers. Others circulated images and videos of pink police cars, claiming that even the cops had modified their vehicles.

Hashtags #SaveNapolean #saveebulljet were trending on different platforms. News channels have reported that many youngsters are calling their studios asking for help for the brothers.

While some people support the brothers, a great number of others believe they do not deserve to be supported. The comment that ‘Kerala will burn’ has prompted authorities to warn supporters that they will face severe consequences. Even in the comments section of their previous two YouTube videos about ‘Napoleon,’ many people have asked why the regulations don’t apply to the duo and why they threatened officers.

Another video of a journey they took during the pandemic has gone viral as well. They can be heard scolding people for their poor road manners as they go through Bihar. They, on the other hand, calmly install an ambulance siren on their vehicle to avoid traffic jams and then speed past a toll booth. The two can be heard rejoicing over the fact that they did not have to pay the toll.

“Their level of support is also concerning. They’ve been making videos that are borderline homophobic and misogynistic for months. They even purchased a Husky puppy and demonstrated how it could not withstand the heat throughout their journey,” another social media critic stated.

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