Arrest of the ‘E Bull Jetters’: Police gather more evidence on their previous traffic violations

Kannur: A day after YouTubers Ebin Varghese and Libin Varghese, also known as the E Bull Jetters, were arrested, more evidence about their previous violations of road safety rules surfaced, according to police. Police have a video in which the duo can be seen travelling in a caravan while using an ambulance siren.

Officials believe the video was shot outside of the state and intend to take it up with the appropriate authorities once the location has been confirmed. Videos of their journey through toll plazas using ambulance sirens have surfaced. According to police, they had previously been charged with tampering with a vehicle. The extra lights that the duo installed on the caravan are also a violation of traffic laws.

“It is a serious violation, and we are gathering more evidence with police in order to initiate additional legal actions against them,” an official said.

Following a thorough examination of various videos aired by the duo on YouTube, transportation department officials discovered a number of violations. According to officials, another video of children pleading for their release by threatening to commit suicide has had a serious psychological impact on the children.

The whole ordeal began when the Motor Vehicle Department seized their caravan, Napoleon, and fined them Rs 43,400 for tampering with it. It was claimed that the two rushed to the RTO office, argued with the officers on duty, and disrupted the office’s operation in response to the seizure of their vehicle.

They were arrested for interfering with the operation of a government office as well as threatening employees on the job. Measures have been taken to revoke the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC).

Adv Fouse, who appeared on behalf of the accused, described the duo’s treatment by police as “deliberate and collective effort to trap them.” “They are not terrorists; officials can take action against them or penalise them for violations; treating them as terrorists is unacceptable,” Fouse added.

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