Delta variation found in more than 80% of new COVID-19 cases: Satyendra Jain, the Minister of Health in Delhi

The Delta variant of coronavirus was discovered in at least 80% of the samples received for genome sequencing during the second wave of COVID-19 in Delhi, according to the Delhi government on Tuesday.

According to Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain, more than 80% of new coronavirus cases are also of the Delta variety.
“The fresh samples that we are providing today have more than 80% of the Delta variations case; previously, we were sending samples to ICMR, and they also told us the same; now, we are evaluating it in our labs, and only Delta variants are coming out,” Jain added.

In response to a concern about mortality caused by a lack of oxygen in Delhi, Jain stated that the Centre has not yet requested data on casualties during the COVID-19 second wave.

“We haven’t received any letter from the central government asking for the data on oxygen-related deaths,” said Delhi Health Minister. At a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, which develops COVID management policies for the capital, the health department shared that the Delta variant (B.1.617.2) has been detected in 83.3 percent of the samples sent for genome sequencing in Delhi.

The variation was discovered in 81.7 percent and 88.6 percent of the samples in May and June, respectively. It was discovered in 53.9 percent of the samples in April.

The Delta variation was also discovered in 1,689 of the 5,752 Delhi samples processed at the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) so far. The Alpha variant (B.1.1.7) was found in 947 samples.

The World Health Organization has classed both Alpha and Delta variants as “variants of concern.” The Delta variation was discovered in India in December 2020 and has since been found in over 95 nations.

It was a major contributor to the catastrophic second COVID wave that infected and killed thousands in the country. Last year, the Alpha variant was discovered in the United Kingdom.

However, the Delhi government has begun planning for the third wave, according to Jain. “We are preparing 37,000 beds, 12,000 ICU beds for the next wave,” the AAP head stated. It should be noted that the Delhi government has created a color-coded graded response system for the management of COVID-19.


Its initial phase will be carried out with a 0.5% positive. “When the positive hits 1%, we will consider the second phase, 5% as the red threshold, and then apply the third step,” Jain explained.

According to scientists and medics, the third wave of coronavirus in India will begin this month and peak in October. Scientists from all across the world believe that the waves of corona infection will continue indefinitely.

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