Isn’t it true that I’m cow dung? Suresh Gopi’s emotional reaction to the E Bull Jet issue has gone viral on social media

Suresh Gopi’s impulsive response to the sensational ‘E Bull Jet’ issue has gone viral on social media. Suresh Gopi was contacted by a group of young men from Perumbavoor who asked him to intervene in the case. However, the actor was initially unaware of the situation.
After the caller explained the current situation involving the arrest of ‘E Bull Jet’ vloggers, the actor directed him to contact the chief minister. ‘Because these are happening in Kerala, you can contact the CM directly, because all of these matters, including the MVD, fall under the jurisdiction of the CM and the transport minister.’

The dissatisfied youth inquired if the MP could assist them in any way. The irritated actor responded, “Ain’t I cow dung? Cow dung is allergic to you, isn’t it?” This comment quickly went viral on social media.

The arrest of the ‘E Bull Jet’ brothers sparked outrage. There have been numerous reactions on social media, both positive and negative. The vehicle was seized by the Department of Motor Vehicles on suspicion of tampering with it and failing to pay taxes.

Their problems began when their vehicle was impounded. The Kannur RTO will levy a fine of Rs 6,400 for the modification and around Rs 42,000 for the illegal modification of the vehicle.

The brothers who arrived at the RTO office, on the other hand, caused problems, including the illegal mobilisation of young people. As the brothers made an emotional live video on social media, the Department of Motor Vehicles was forced to report the incident to the police.

The vehicle, according to the MVD, is equipped with lights and horns that endanger other vehicles on the road. The brothers, on the other hand, claimed that this is a vehicle that travels across the country and requires different lights to suit the locations.

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