A young man known for his viral remark ‘Polisanam’ has been arrested for using foul language against the police and the MVD

Richard Richu, a Kavanad native, has been arrested for his aggressive social media post mocking Kerala Police and the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) and using foul language in response to the arrest of ‘E Bull Jet’ YouTubers. He was arrested on charges of using foul language and inciting violence.

Richu is a well-known figure among Malayalam social media users for his foul language videos, and one of his videos featuring an air gun with the remark ‘Polisanam’ went viral for his’swag mode’ presentation style.

Meanwhile, Richu has removed the video pertaining to the ‘E Bull Jet’ Issue. Police, on the other hand, have taken a tough stance and are reportedly looking for netizens who shared this video.

On Tuesday, police arrested two ‘E Bull Jet’ YouTubers in connection with the RTO office squabble after they were fined for illegally modifying their caravan. A group of vloggers had come out in support of the E Bull Jet YouTubers. Many people uploaded videos without double-checking the facts and vented their rage on social media, mocking police and MVD personnel. Some removed the video after realising that things were escalating, while others removed their video and replaced it with a new video that downplayed their allegations.

Individuals who use foul language on social media will face severe consequences, according to Kannur City Police Commissioner R Ilanko. Individuals who circulate videos inciting violence in the name of supporting their favourite vloggers will also be monitored, he said. He added that if the individuals are under the age of 18, they will be charged under the Juvenile Justice Act.

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