Kerala receives 5.11 lakh doses of COVID vaccine

Kerala received 5,11,080 doses of vaccine on Tuesday, according to health minister Veena George. The new stock contains 2,91,080 doses of Covishield and 2,20,000 doses of Covaxin.
The following districts have received Covishield vaccine doses: Thiruvananthapuram has 98,560 people, Ernakulam has 1,14,590 people, and Kozhikode has 77,930 people.

Thiruvananthapuram received 74,500 doses of Covaxin, Ernakulam received 86,500, and Kozhikode received 59,000.

The new vaccine stock will be delivered to some centres at night. The new inventory is being distributed to various locations.

On the same day, Kerala administered vaccine to 95,308 people. The vaccine was administered at 744 vaccination sites, 411 of which were government-run and 333 of which were private.

In Kerala, 2,21,94,304 people have been immunised to date. The first dose was given to 1,57,52,365 people, and the second dose was given to 64,41,939 people.

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