Prakash Raj, the actor, has been injured and is en route to Hyderabad for surgery

New Delhi: Veteran actor Prakash Raj took to Twitter on Tuesday to update his fans on a minor accident that occurred recently.

More specifically, he stated that he suffered a minor fracture and was flown to Hyderabad for surgery.

“A small fall.. a tiny fracture.. flying to Hyderabad into the safe hands of my friend Dr Guruvareddy for surgery,” he wrote on Twitter. I’ll be fine, nothing to worry about… please keep me in your prayers.”

He also asked his fans to continue praying for his quick recovery. He also assured everyone that he was in good health and asked them not to be concerned.

Prakash Raj is a well-known name in Hindi film. He rose to prominence in films such as Singham, Ghilli, Wanted, Anniyan, and Pokiri, among others.

Currently, the actor is running for president of the Movie Artistes Association (MAA). Hyderabad will host the upcoming MAA elections.

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