7 Things to Get Your Lazy Friend Who Is Always Late

Everyone has a friend that is perpetually late. She was either bathing for two hours or napping all day. God alone knows what this individual does, but she never misses an occasion to be late. But, no matter how irresponsible they are, we can’t be friends. So here are seven gifts for that special friend who is constantly late but always shows up just for you. You can gift these entertaining things to quietly make a point that they should never be late for any occasion again, whether it’s their birthday, graduation ceremony, or simply out of love.

Alarm Clock with Digital Display
This smart alarm clock can be placed on top of their bed or in their workspace to ensure they always know what time it is. The night light feature can gently illuminate a dark space and is an ideal gift for a buddy who sleeps all day.

Year Planner

Writing things down and arranging your routines can help you keep up with the rush of time. Even if you think your friend is a slacker, this planner notebook can help them get their affairs in order.

Digital Calendar

They can keep track of the date and time with the help of a smart calendar. This changeable digital calendar displays the indoor temperature as well as weekly or monthly statistics using abbreviated words.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes help people recall things in a fun and colourful way. It is beneficial to highlight essential points or color-code your work so that you can easily go back and recover information.


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