Day of the Lefthander in 2021: Did you know these fascinating facts about persons who are left-handed?

New Delhi: Left-handed folks have a special day to commemorate and raise awareness about their condition. This day, first observed in 1976, illustrates the benefits and drawbacks of being a “leftie.”

Speculations and research throughout the years have failed to explain why a person is born with left-handedness, but these surveys have revealed some very interesting facts.

If you know a lefty, you might find some of these facts to be accurate! To learn more, read the following facts:

Naturally gifted as a leader
From Leonardo Da Vinci to Barack Obama, there have been innumerable exceptional leaders who have used their creative abilities to lead people and motivate them to accomplish their maximum best in whatever sector of employment they were in.

Distinctive brain connections

Although there is still much dispute and controversy about this trait, left-handed people appear to be dominating in the domains of art and other creative or sporting activities. According to an Oxford study, left-handed people’s brains are better synchronized than right-handed people’s.

This notion is currently being debated because there isn’t enough scientific evidence to back it up.

Have a competitive advantage in sports:

While everyone else is learning to play for and against their right side, left-handed folks have the advantage of confusing the opponent and being absolute stars in sporting activities versus other teams or individuals.

They are disproportionately represented in combat sports like as boxing and other martial arts.

Improved verbal communication:

According to polls, lefties appear to be stronger in verbal communication than right-handers. These studies also claim lefties have a cognitive advantage which makes it easier for them to understand and respond in an appropriate manner.

Happy left-handers day!


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