DIY Spa at Home Concepts

With things looking good, we’re hoping to attend a genuine spa soon, but if you’re still hesitant, here’s some advice. We’ve lost how to find time for ourselves in the midst of our frantic work-from-home routines. So, if you can’t go to a spa, it may come to you. Stuti Sethi, Brand Manager at Plum BodyLovin’, provides a few strategies for making every time a spa day.

Make a spa appointment. Set the tone
Make sure to schedule time for yourself on a daily or weekly basis. This could be as little as 20 minutes per day for a love session with you. Start your detox with an aromatic candle and an aroma diffuser filled with scented essential oils. In the spirit of detoxing, combine cucumber, lemon slices, and a few mints leaves in freshwater for a delightful nutritious beverage that complements your ‘me-time!

Unplug and tighten ‘Me-time’ entails disconnecting from the outer world and the judgment of social media; being at ease in your own skin. Create a no-tech zone in your home for your safe spa place. Keep your phone, tablets, and laptops outside or in a safe place. This eliminates distractions and keeps your concentration solely on you. Me-time also has a dress code: Be snug and comfortable! Kick it in your comfiest pajamas or clothes.

Cleanse and exfoliate
The first step in any beautification regimen is generally exfoliation. This entails scraping away dead skin cells in order to unclog pores, prevent acne, allow other products to penetrate deeper, and, most importantly, leave the skin glowing. Body scrubs with cherry, chocolate, and vanilla extracts work wonders to remove pollutants, toxins, nasties, and dead skin cells. Circularly massage your face, body, feet, and hands to promote circulation and leave your skin feeling fresh, nourished, and clean. The ideal way to end the day.

I adore thine tips and toes.
Even well-planned programs can overlook this step from time to time. It has long been customary to use either a regular moisturizer or none at all on the hands and feet. Your extremities, which are frequently overlooked, require attention! Lather up with hand and foot creams including shea butter, Brazil nut oil, sunflower oil, coconut extract, and passion fruit extract. Because they are very hydrating and have a lightweight texture, these creams tend to melt into the skin.

Touches of fishing
After this regime, using chemicals in deodorants or perfumes is unnecessary and useless. Avoid products that include chemicals, sulfates, or poisons that are damaging to your skin. Underarm creams made from vegan ingredients are high in kaolin, green tea oil, and cocoa butter. This not only masks the odor but also eliminates it. Body mists infused with aloe juice and devoid of phthalates keep skin irritation at bay, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your duties!

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