Hundreds pass border through shortcuts without vaccination certificate, Covid result

Nedumkandam (Idukki): As strict inspections at checkpoints continue, hundreds of people have begun to use parallel roads and shortcuts to cross inter-state borders. This includes plantation workers, scrap collectors, and vendors who do not adhere to the Covid guidelines set forth by the government of the United States.

People from Tamil Nadu entering Kerala must show proof of having received at least the first dose of vaccine. Those who have not been immunised should have a negative RT-PCR result within 72 hours.

To travel in Tamil Nadu, you must first register on the Tamil Nadu Covid website. They must also have a vaccination certificate for both doses of vaccine or a negative RT-PCR test result obtained within 72 hours.

Despite these rules, many people choose to cross the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu without the necessary certificates. Some gangs arrange for vehicles to transport such people to Kambam in order for them to cross the border.

Last year, police used drones to conduct regular patrols and inspections to prevent such movements through forest areas.

The residents of Kambammettu, on the other hand, claimed that the police remained inactive despite reports of people crossing borders without the necessary documents. They also complained that scrap collectors frequently visited their homes, asking for scrap items.

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