It’s a rare occurrence! Doctors deliver a baby girl who has developed inside the abdominal cavity rather than the uterus, and both are OK

In a rare incident, surgeons at a private institution in New Delhi delivered a baby girl who had grown inside the abdominal cavity rather than the uterus.

In ordinary pregnancies, a fertilized egg grows inside the uterus with the placenta, which supplies nourishment and oxygen to the growing baby, attached to the uterus wall, but in this case, it was attached to the colon.

“In cases when the fertilized egg matures inside the abdominal cavity, it does not survive past four or five months, but in this case, the baby was born by cesarean surgery on Monday morning. The infant weighed 2.65 kg “According to Anjali Chaudhary, obstetrics and gynecology at Aarogya Hospital.

The fact that the issue was not noticed throughout the woman’s six ultrasounds during her pregnancy complicated matters.

“The woman came to us during her seventh month of pregnancy, after previous ultrasounds in her hometown had failed to uncover the problem. The baby was lying on her right side, putting pressure on her right ureter. Because of that disease, she was passing pus in her urine, and we had to place a stent in her ureter to treat the situation “According to Chaudhary.

The doctors performed a complete ultrasound of the stomach at the time of the stent placement but were unable to discover the problem.

According to the doctor, the scans revealed that the baby was resting bottom first rather than head first.

“The decision was made to have the baby delivered via C-section. When we made the incision, we discovered the baby was in the abdominal cavity, and we realized it would be a difficult procedure “She stated.

The placenta was discovered linked to the colon after the infant was removed, resulting in “torrential hemorrhage” when surgeons attempted to remove it. To compensate for the blood loss, the woman was given four units of new frozen plasma and three units of blood, she said.

After 12 hours in the ICU, the baby was turned over to the attendants, and the mom was transferred to a ward after 24 hours. The mother and baby are doing well presently, according to Chaudhary, who added that they would be discharged on Friday.

It was the woman’s second child. She gave birth to a son by C-section.

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