The government intends to prepare PSC rank lists proportionate to vacancies: CM

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has stated that the government is considering preparing PSC rank lists proportional to vacancies while adhering to reservation rules.

The rank lists are likely to be reduced as a result of this move. In his address to the assembly on Friday, the CM stated that the Justice Dinesan Commission will investigate the situation and make recommendations.

He was responding to MLA H Salam’s submission in the assembly.

PSC rank lists are being prepared using current criteria, which include more candidates than expected vacancies. According to the reservation rules, the PSC has been issuing advice memos to the reported vacancies. As a result, all candidates named in the rank lists were unlikely to be appointed.

Meanwhile, according to Kerala government policy, available vacancies should be reported to the PSC, and appointments should be made before the rank lists expire. Officials in charge of appointment are directed to report available vacancies online for this purpose.

The government observed that including more candidates in the rank list without taking into account the available vacancies would lead to exploitations and unfavourable developments. As a result, the government is considering preparing a list proportional to the reported vacancies.

“The government is considering whether it is necessary to publish current vacancies in departments or firms, the number of employees, their retirement date, long leave, and posts that should be filled on the websites of respective departments or firms,” said the CM.

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