WhatsApp Update: Your WhatsApp status will see THIS change

WhatsApp statuses are a lot of fun, and the Facebook-owned company is about to release an upgrade that will allow WhatsApp to conduct makeovers in the status, i.e. make your status more appealing.

WhatsApp has been primarily working on numerous additions recently, such as the multi-device feature, which will be released soon and will allow you to attach the app to other devices. However, the company intends to improve WhatsApp Web’s contact pages, emoji support, and image editing facilities.

According to a WABetaInfo article, the corporation is now working on a significant enhancement to its status function.

Let us return to WhatsApp Status, which was established by the Facebook-owned messaging service in 2017. It was viewed as a rip-off of Snapchat’s Stories feature, which allowed users to share photographs and videos for 24 hours. According to a recent report by WABetaInfo, the future WhatsApp update will include a few tweaks to the status feature.

According to the source, WhatsApp is working on significant modifications that would have an impact on WhatsApp status. According to a snapshot given by WABetaInfo, when a user enters his or her status, a green ring appears around the profile photo, indicating that the user has published his or her status. According to the article, tapping a profile photo with a green ring will prompt users to choose whether to view the profile photo or the status.


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