On Monday, 12,294 people tested positive for COVID-19 in Kerala, resulting in a 14.03 percent TPR

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala recorded 12,294 new COVID-19 cases on Monday after testing 87,578 samples, resulting in a 14.03 percent Test Positivity Rate.

With 18,542 more recovering from the infection, the state’s active patient population has dropped to 1,72,239, according to Health Minister Veena George in a press release.

With 142 more confirmed deaths from the disease, Kerala’s death toll now stands at 18,743. Despite the fact that more deaths have been reported, the state has yet to identify them as COVID deaths. The National Institute of Virology in Alappuzha is conducting tests.

The virus was contracted by contact in 11,425 of the new cases, while 68 came from outside the state. The source of infection for 729 of the contact cases has yet to be identified.
Among the new cases are 72 health workers.

So far, the state has reported 37,02,417 COVID-19 cases. 35,10,909 of them survived.

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