127 persons arrive in Kathmandu from Afghanistan, including 9 Indians; all evacuees are transported to the COVID isolation centre

Kathmandu: On Tuesday morning, 127 passengers arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu from Afghanistan via Kuwait, including 118 Nepalis and nine Indians. On Monday, people were evacuated from Afghanistan to Kuwait.

Brigadier General Santosh Ballave Poudyal, Nepali Army Spokesperson, stated to Zee Media that all refugees were brought to an isolation centre in Kathmandu and that COVID protocols would be followed.

“The Nepali Government has assigned duty for transporting these evacuees from the airport to the Radha Soami Satsang Beas COVID-19 Isolation Centre in Samakhusi. As a result, PCR and antigen tests will be performed, and the patients will be sent home for isolation,” Poudyal told WION.

The Nepal Foreign Ministry verified the arrival of Nepali people from Afghanistan in a tweet, saying, “Arrival of Nepali nationals from Afghanistan has begun.” 118 of them landed at Kathmandu airport this morning on a chartered flight from Kuwait.”

Previously, the Nepali government asked the international community to keep Nepali people living in Kabul, Afghanistan safe and to assist in their repatriation home.

“It is a privilege for us to be able to safely welcome the first flight to Kathmandu, among whom are Nepalese who have worked in the US Embassy in Kabul. “We are incredibly appreciative for services,” declared the US Embassy in Nepal in a tweet.

According to the Manpower Association in Kathmandu, there are around 15,000 Nepalis in Afghanistan, but the government has a record of only 1,500. Aboard Sunday, 385 Nepalis working at the US embassy were flown to Doha on a special US Air Force flight.

On the other hand, the British government flew out of Kabul 87 Nepalis working at the British embassy on Sunday. At a hotel in Kabul, 470 Nepalis working as Security Guards for the UN Office, UNHCR, IOM, and other UN-related organizations are awaiting a flight.

Over 120 Nepalese employees of the Canadian and German embassies are being rescued aboard a US Air Force jet. Preparations are also underway to rescue 62 Nepalese employees of the Japanese embassy in Kabul and transport them to Kathmandu within 72 hours.

This comes after the Taliban seized possession of the presidential palace, shortly after President Ashraf Ghani escaped to Tajikistan.


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