5 Signs he’s only using you to bolster his ego

You believe you are the luckiest lady on the earth because the person you are madly in love with is constantly praising you. Sure, it’s a dream come true when that special someone is continuously commenting on how beautiful you are. Unfortunately, there are situations when that person is simply taking advantage of you and your appearance.

He is aware of your affections for him and hence uses you solely to boost his ego. He knows that chatting to you will make him feel like the most beautiful man ever born, so he chats to you frequently.

Here are five such warning flags to look for to determine whether he is using you to enhance his ego

1. He is erratic.

He’ll overwhelm your phone with messages one day, and then you won’t hear from him for a week. Then he’ll phone you and convince you of his intentions toward you before disappearing for a week or so.

2.You don’t hang out with each other very often.

You keep trying to get him to go out with you, but he is always too busy. When you do go out, it is usually to a venue of his choosing, and even there, he hardly chats to you and instead just shows you off.

3. He is uninterested in your life.

He is completely uninterested in your life and is always busy with himself. He acts as though he cares, but he doesn’t, and he never lends his ear to listen.

4.He excludes you from his plans.

When you’re around his friends or family, he’s the one who chats to them and makes you feel like an outsider. He simply wants to show you off to everyone and does not include you in any of the conversations.

5.He has complete control over you.

He frequently chooses your clothes and instructs you on how to show yourself. All of your interactions revolve around him, and he never seems to be interested in your thoughts and opinions.

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