Subtle indications that he is emotionally abusing you

Emotional abuse is a method of exerting control over another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise influence them. An emotionally abusive relationship is one in which a person’s self-esteem and mental health suffer as a result of a regular pattern of abusive remarks and bullying acts. Emotional abuse can cause feelings of worthlessness, trust issues, difficulty expressing emotions, sleep disorders, difficulties building relationships with others, and so on. Furthermore, it is quite difficult to detect emotional abuse. 1. He makes jokes about you.
It’s fine if he taunts you about how much you spend on stuff every now and again. It is, however, abusive for him to make fun of you in public when you are out with friends or to make you feel bad about yourself while you are trying to enjoy and have a nice time. As a result, here are some subtle symptoms that he is emotionally abusing you.

2. He is continuously yelling at you.
Whatever the reason, yelling makes the recipient feel horrible and unappreciated. If your relationship hasn’t grown enough to move beyond yelling and speak in a reasonable and understanding manner, he may be emotionally abusive.

3. During a quarrel, he is insulting you.
It is unnecessary and harsh if the phrases he uses during fights represent you as a villain or someone with poor intelligence. Even if you aren’t upset, your spouse should not be using any insulting language.

4. He treats you as though you are a child.
Even if you are older or more successful than him, he makes you feel as if you have no say in the matter. He thinks you’re too young to handle things. He tells you where you will celebrate your anniversary, for example, without even listening to you.

5. He makes fun of your appearance.
He was full of compliments and lovely things to say about you when he was trying to impress you. But he now takes you for granted and constantly puts you down. He’s being impolite when he repeatedly inquires about your fashion choices or how you like to style your hair.

6. He never pays attention to you.

Even if you chat about something as easy as your day at work, he is preoccupied with something else. And when you point it out to him, he acts as if it isn’t a huge deal or as if you’re being too boring.

7. When he does not get his way, he departs from the situation.

When he doesn’t get his way, he threatens to end the relationship! This is normal infantile conduct used to manipulate and emotionally abuse you. However, the next time this occurs, consider yourself broken. This is not how good relationships function.


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