Drake, the singer of God’s Plan, experienced hair loss as a result of Covid 19 (Read Details)

Drake, the international pop musician who gave us hit songs like God’s Plan, Hotline Bling, Money in the Grave, Time Flies, Forever, and others, was diagnosed with Coronavirus and had hair loss. Drake had taken a few precautions to conceal this as well.

COVID-19 infected millions of people around the world this year and last year, and many of them are still struggling with the aftereffects.

When Drake published a photo of himself with a heart shaved into the top left of his skull a few days ago, one fan mocked him on social media. “That heart is stressed,” the fan wrote.”

“I had Covid that s*** grown in odd, so I had to start over,” the rapper responded. Don’t scoff, it’s coming back.”

Drake had Covid-19 and was suffering from hair loss, therefore he chose that hairdo. Drake described it as a dramatic tactic to cover up his hair loss, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

Drake, according to rumors, has been suffering from Coronavirus for more than a month. He was later seen with influencer Johanna Leia, and it was discovered that the two had been dating.

Drake was one of the first celebrities to reveal being tested for COVID-19 after contracting the virus while hanging out with NBA star Kevin Durant, who had tested positive.

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